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I’ve Got Sand In All The Wrong Places

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella

  • On Sale July 12!
More light, bright essays to delight fans of this mother-daughter writing team. This collection offers a gateway to their humorous, breezy style, featuring rapid-fire paragraphs and plenty of sarcasm.
– Kirkus Reviews
Family is a perennially popular subject, and Scottoline and Serritella bring wisdom and laughs to make sure it never gets boring.
– Publishers Weekly
This collection is ideal for sampling between slathering on sunscreen and dozing in a beach chair.
– Booklist
Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?

by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

  • Now in paperback!
Scottoline and Serritella pile plenty of laughs and a few tears into the latest volume in their humor series. This breezy, thoughtful book offers funny and lovely family moments that mothers and daughters will savor.
– Publishers Weekly
Guaranteed Laughs: Short, sharp musings on life from perenially hilarious mom-daughter duo Scottoline and Serritella.
– Good Housekeeping
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Chick Wit

A weekly column published in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

By Francesca Serritella | November 27, 2016


That was the note I found taped to my door one morning.

Who had left it? It was unsigned.

Most puzzling, Pip hadn’t been barking. He’d snoozed soundly in various positions around and on top of my head all night.

So, what was she talking about?

I guessed “she,” because of the loopy script. That, and the passive-aggression of posting an ...

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