I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places - Featured Cover Photo

I’ve Got Sand In All The Wrong Places

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella

  • On Sale July 12!
More light, bright essays to delight fans of this mother-daughter writing team. This collection offers a gateway to their humorous, breezy style, featuring rapid-fire paragraphs and plenty of sarcasm.
– Kirkus Reviews
Family is a perennially popular subject, and Scottoline and Serritella bring wisdom and laughs to make sure it never gets boring.
– Publishers Weekly
This collection is ideal for sampling between slathering on sunscreen and dozing in a beach chair.
– Booklist
Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?

by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

  • Now in paperback!
Scottoline and Serritella pile plenty of laughs and a few tears into the latest volume in their humor series. This breezy, thoughtful book offers funny and lovely family moments that mothers and daughters will savor.
– Publishers Weekly
Guaranteed Laughs: Short, sharp musings on life from perenially hilarious mom-daughter duo Scottoline and Serritella.
– Good Housekeeping
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Chick Wit

A weekly column published in the Sunday Philadelphia Inquirer.

Political Partisan Seeks Same

By Francesca Serritella | October 2, 2016

I’ve become obsessed with this election.

I won’t tell you whom I’m supporting—just assume I agree with you so you can get through reading this.

I stay up late reading every new article and poll, my Twitter timeline reads like the water-cooler at every major newspaper and not-so-major online rag, I listen to five different political podcasts on rotation, and I watch more cable news than your grandma.

There’s only one area of my life left to get the political ...

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