I See Life Through Rosé-Colored Glasses
I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool

I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella

  • One of the Funniest Books Coming in 2017 by BookBub
“True tales on how we live from a mother and daughter who are best pals - and a very funny writing team.”
– People Magazine "Best Beach Book"
“They are adept at turning challenges into funny stories.”
– Booklist
"The two writers are very different in style and approach – Lisa tends to go straight for the funny bone in an Everywoman manner reminiscent of the late great Erma Bombeck, Francesca often aims at more serious matters but with a wry comic twist that is all her own. Both women are so skilled at building humor within their pieces that they defy excerpting. The laughs don’t come from gags, but from scenes in their lives that they build into mini-dramas.We all need down-to-earth wisdom and comedy now more than ever, and you will find both in abundance in “I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool.”
– Connecticut Post
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The Great Makeup Organization

By Francesca Serritella | February 18, 2018

My bathroom is covered in makeup.

Eye-shadow compacts litter the sink’s edge, daring to be knocked off and shatter on the floor. The closed toilet seat cover is a staging area for foundation and blush. Brushes peek from a coffee mug that barely fits on the counter. Lipsticks and lip balms live on the ledge and sometimes die in the dog’s mouth.

In my defense, my bathroom is so small, three things out of place make it look like a ...

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